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Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

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     Shandong Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd started from 2000. Its predecessor is Linyi Xiaoyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd and Linyi Haotai Plastic Products Co., Ltd. After seventeen years of industry experience and innovation, we achieved remarkable results. Since the establishment of the company in 2016, we serve the community, the revitalization of China's plastics industry as their responsibility. With good governance, reform and innovation, forge ahead and look to the future, the company will seize the opportunity to increase independent product innovation, speed up the internationalization process to achieve economies of scale and leap forward development, and become a national competitiveness, the national reputation of China's flagship plastic products enterprise.

As we all know traditional metal cans or glass jars has a series of problems,such as high cost, transportation, security.  Now my company to break the bottleneck of the industry, developed a stylish lightweight, environmentally friendly, not to hurt the hand, very safe plastic LeQi Cap. 

Easy Open Cap is our company second generation of new plastic cans, was born in 2015.LeQi is now a comprehensive market, has received more than 30 national patent protection, more than 22 countries registered trademarks, 10 series, hundreds of specifications, quality assurance, not to hurt the hand. 


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