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2020 express degradable green packaging materials applications will reach 50%

2018-08-31 16:10:26 Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Read

Learned from the post office website, the State Post Bureau, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of housing and urban rural construction, Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine and the national certification and Accreditation Administration Committee and the National Standardization Management Committee jointly issued "on the day before the cooperative guidance to promote the courier industry green packaging work". Opinions put forward in November every year the first week as "green courier week", 2020 biodegradable green packaging materials application will reach 50%.

"Guidance" to clear the "13th Five-Year" during the courier industry green packaging work to achieve the three goals, namely: green, reduction, recycling can be achieved remarkable results, the level of technology innovation and application significantly improved governance system is increasingly perfect. By 2020, the proportion of biodegradable green packaging materials will be increased to 50%, basically eliminate heavy metals and other special materials exceeding the standard packaging materials, basically built a special express packaging recycling system. The main Express brand customer agreement of electronic waybill use rate of more than 90%, average every courier packaging material is less than 10%, to promote the use of the transfer box, cage vehicles and other equipment, woven bag and tape used to further reduce the amount of. Basic establishment of packaging management system for express industry.

China's express packaging industry is huge in quantity, variety and rapid growth. The impact of packaging waste on the environment can not be ignored. In order to promote the establishment and improvement of packaging management system of Chinese express packaging industry, guide enterprises to undertake social responsibility, improve consumer awareness of environmental protection, and achieve green development, the "guiding opinion" put forward seven key tasks:

First, improve the green packaging industry standards and regulations. Promote the introduction of "Provisional Regulations for express", and explicitly encourage the use of biodegradable, reusable environmentally friendly packaging materials. Perfect green packaging standard system of express industry, the formulation and implementation of "national standard" series of courier packaging supplies, packaging and delivery related adhesive green product evaluation standards, promotion of 1200mm * 1000mm standard tray, accelerate the relevant standard effectively.

Two is to increase the use of express green packaging products. Guide and support all kinds of enterprises to increase the express of green packaging product development, design and production inputs, improve the express package extended producer responsibility system, research and development, production and use of bio based materials to encourage green packaging products. To encourage the whole process of warehousing, transportation, distribution, sorting and processing of electronic products and express delivery, to promote recyclable packaging, reduced packaging and biodegradable packaging.

Three is to implement green certification of express packaging products. Construction of unified green standard, certification and labeling system for express packaging products. To carry out the certification of green courier packaging products in accordance with the "fair, fair, open and voluntary" principle, guide and support the business enterprise product packaging, courier companies use green packaging products or through the certification of green packaging products express.

Four is to carry out green packaging demonstration pilot industry. Express support for enterprises to carry out industrial products eco design (green) "pilot, carry out green packaging application pilot in the main brand courier companies and courier logistics information platform for enterprises, encourage major brand express enterprises and all kinds of enterprises, enterprises jointly carry out sanitation recycling" express industry + recycling industry "directional cooperation pilot. Support a batch of qualified express demonstration park to become green park.

Five is bigger and stronger express green packaging industry alliance. Establish and improve the whole industry chain system of express green packaging. Encourage enterprises, scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning to establish a new mode of combining production, teaching and research. Give full play to the role and advantages of e-commerce platform enterprises, and actively promote green packaging, simple packaging. Encourage enterprises to strengthen green production, build green recycling system, build information management platform, build green supply chain, drive the alliance enterprise to achieve green development.

Six is the construction of express packaging recycling demonstration city. In the implementation of the national compulsory garbage classification City, jointly promote the construction of express packaging recycling demonstration city. Make clear the classification requirements of different express packaging, and send clear and clear containers for express packaging in community business outlets. Support express enterprises to actively participate in the construction of renewable resources recycling network.

Seven is to strengthen the courier industry green packaging publicity guidance and education training. The first week of November each year as the "Green Express Publicity Week", and the national low carbon day, energy saving and environmental protection week, "beautiful Chinese" public service ads and other activities widely publicized green concept, advocate green consumption, popularizing green packaging and recycling knowledge, creating a "green express, good atmosphere of everyone".

The ten departments will jointly promote the establishment of express industry green packaging work leading group, to strengthen the organization and leadership of the express industry of green packaging work, and implement the national energy-saving emission reduction and other preferential policies to encourage, promote the country to increase the financial support of express packaging recycling, promote the country introduced for the study of green packaging, express business tax and credit support policies.


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