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Plastic enterprises continue to be eliminated, nothing more than these factors

2018-08-31 16:16:35 Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Read

From the beginning of the first half of 2014, there have been plastic enterprises eliminated, this is why? In fact, in addition to some external factors, the collapse of the plastic enterprises have common features, and the reason for its closure is strikingly similar:

Plastic enterprises continue to be eliminated, nothing more than these factors

1., these were eliminated plastic enterprises, technology, management level is very backward, has always been to do things by experience, followed by problems behind the run;

2., the management thinking of these plastic enterprises has not changed for more than 20 years. The management is chaotic, the production efficiency is low, the material consumption is large, the number of seats is large and the production cost is high;

3., the quality of plastic raw materials and delivery time often fail to meet customer requirements, production orders gradually reduced;

4., the use of machinery and equipment, maintenance and maintenance awareness is low, the production process of mold failure / equipment failure, shut down, repair machine, repair frequently;

5., the plastic processing error as labor-intensive industry to operate, relying on low-cost labor to maintain business;

6., these enterprises are not paying enough attention to the application of new technology, new materials, new equipment and new tools. They have failed to keep pace with the times and have led to the decline of their competitiveness;

7., do not pay attention to learning plastic technology management knowledge and personnel training, low learning consciousness, backward concept (not learning is equal to choose backward), lack of core competitiveness;

8. the collapse of plastic enterprises are doing ten years, twenty years "old" enterprises, opinionated, lazy;

9. of the production technology / management personnel occupation skill training do not pay attention, neither training nor training, production technology and management level has been in a very backward state, lack of technical / management innovation ability;

These 10. companies blindly pursue "saving", the money was reluctant to spend, the control of no control, do not pay attention to control the mold in the process of production, all kinds of waste, waste alarming, lead to the increasingly meager profits;

11. do not adapt to the modern plastic enterprises environmental changes - in the face of competition of the plastic raw material prices soaring, recruitment difficulties, labor costs continue to increase, product processing prices, customer requirements continue to increase, the depreciation of the dollar, the new labor law, the implementation of the export tax rebate policy and the abolition of trade is more and more fierce environment, ". Please, the market was eventually brutally eliminated, the next 2 to 3 years, there will be 40 percent behind the plastic enterprises will be eliminated......


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