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Leqi The signing ceremony of Sino Russian cooperation platform for strategic cooperation with Russian customers

2017-04-18 16:47:02 Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Read

In January 7, 2017, Shandong Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and DV Areal Company, the Russian strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in omnitec plastic conference room, Shandong Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Cao Wenling, production manager Wu Shaolian, sales service department responsible person Katie Zhu , Russia's DV Areal Company CEO:Dmitry leadership at the signing site, common the witness and the signing ceremony.

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation platform, Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Russia DV Areal Company company established a platform for strategic cooperation between the two sides will start products to carry out further exchanges and cooperation in the Russian market marketing and other aspects in music, to provide high quality products for the Russian food producers and music. The signing marks the establishment of a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relations between the two sides, for the joy of the alliance platform for the process of global integration, sustained and healthy development has laid a good foundation.

Since its inception, Shandong Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., ltd.. To high-quality music products and its credibility, has won a good reputation at home and abroad customers. The company integrates production, scientific and technological research and development, as well as alliance platform marketing! The company has won more than 30 global patents in China, Japan, South Korea and the European union.

The Russian DV Areal Company alliance platform to achieve strategic cooperation, with their respective advantages. To the industry's leading alliance platform, relying on sophisticated products, to provide Russian customers with product packaging industry chain solutions.

Leqi Cao Wenling, chairman of intelligent technology, said the two companies in the future will be a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, hand in hand, committed to the development of the alliance platform to achieve a win-win situation.

Leqi alliance is now a global partner, is about to subvert, leading a new ecological revolution.

In order to promote the rapid integration of the industry chain to create a new business model!

Leqi, with you to share the packaging industry billion market!

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