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Men see female netizen "Yan too low value" for cans will escape from its stun

2016-11-10 10:26:59 Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Read

Changsha guy ahang through social software about friends, meet but embarrassed: female netizen P serious yen value difference is too large, they complain a few words after being female friends say taunt, ahang angry, pick up the cans will be Nvwang stun. The day before yesterday, when the man was on a business trip to Leiyang, he was arrested by the police.

A hang 24 years old, Changsha people. February 2016, at home, a photo of the Arab Airlines was a photo of the girls attracted, two people chat speculation, not a few days to meet.

March, a boat came to the appointed place, open the room after a face of embarrassment, female users online photos are obvious figure, and I was too different. Two people are quick to have a relationship. After the event, the general feeling of a hang out of the air, the woman "goods not version" complained a few words. Female friends also taunt on the spot.

A boat carrying cans at Nvwang head bash, see the bleeding become unconscious, panic to escape.

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