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The history of the development of the

2016-11-07 16:58:59 Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Read

n 1959, the U.S. state of Ohio Dili Dayton company DRT ERNIE.C.FRAZE (Aimar Creen Fritz) invented the cans, which can cover the material itself is processed into a rivet, a coat and a riveted ring, with suitable notches and become a full tank cover. The invention of the genius of the metal container has experienced a long period of 50 years after the development of a historic breakthrough. At the same time, it lays a solid foundation for cans and beverage industry development. Can originate in the United States and popular in the United states.

The manufacturing material has two kinds: one is aluminum, tin is two. United States for packaging containers of aluminum materials consumption in 1998 reached 1 million 999 thousand and 200 tons, an increase of 2.24% compared to 1997, becoming the second largest consumer market, accounting for 21.6% of the annual total aluminum consumption. In the United States can always use materials about 40% aluminum plate, aluminum plate for the production of cans per year. About 14% of Europe aluminum metal materials used for beverage production, due to the high recovery of aluminium metal and use value, for the consideration of environmental protection has begun to turn a lot of aluminum cans, produced in 1999 63% by aluminum, growth of 2% in 1998. In 2000 more than 9% growth in 1999, Britain in 1999 66%, growth of 6% in 2000, Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Poland and other markets began to tend to adopt 100% cans of aluminum, 10% in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, about 30%. Due to the low cost of steel cans than aluminum cans about $7/1000, in South America, steel tanks leading beverage packaging market, but with the improvement of environmental awareness. And resource recycling, packaging materials to replace the aluminum steel. Brazil's adoption rate of 65%, two years will grow by 10%. In spray cans, the past has been dominated by steel, from the beginning of 2000 there are many products to aluminum, the growth rate reached 2% to 3%, with the application of tension technology in the production of spray cans of spray cans, aluminum class will gradually occupy the market.

Aluminum in the packaging industry strong competitors from PET material, PET material can be made by singular appearance of injection mold, and aluminum is relatively difficult, but there are great differences between the two kinds of materials on the price of PET by the impact of the price of petroleum, and aluminum by recycling their use, reduce the cost of materials, and by the environment the attention of the organization. Europe and the United States and some cans consumption active area, and continuously improve the recycling of aluminum cans and aluminum packaging materials, developed earlier in national recovery, is no longer the value issue aluminum cans for recycling it into daily work, and in the late state is very hard to do. The United States is the first country to carry out the project is the highest recovery rate of the country. German and Dutch play a leading role in Europe. Mexico to promote the recovery rate of 100%.

In order to keep the cans dominant in beverages, beer packaging, cans industry continues to carry out technological transformation, reducing the cost and improving the appearance has become the main theme. The crown group is more greatly reduce cost, have developed is called "super cover" aluminium easy. And to market. It is said that this product can save material 10% compared with the original product, this product has an annual capacity of 1 billion 800 million, is to accelerate the expansion of production plans to meet the needs, to achieve an annual output of 7 billion production capacity. In addition, since the cold tank of the company has also developed the use of environmentally friendly refrigeration materials, the first to market 35 million, the self cooling tank in the ring pull after less than three minutes, can drink a temperature drop of 15 DEG C. In reducing the material thickness, North America from 204 specifications jar to 202 specifications, the use of aluminum material thickness down to 0.259mm, the steel material is 0.22mm. Control of metal color printing ink oil, to eliminate the difference of different observation of the same pattern color feeling and tacit by density method, and plenty of light and not influence the judgment of color, can make quantitative analysis of the content of color ink.

Can has the advantages of light weight, small volume, not easily broken, easy to carry, so people favour. But the scientists found that the content of aluminum beverage cans in 3 - 6 times higher than bottled drinks. This is because, in the process of cans, it is inevitable that some local protective coatings not painted, or too thin coating, the inner wall of the cylinder Aluminum Alloy and beverage contact. The aluminum can react with acid to produce elemental aluminum salt and alkali, and the reaction of meta aluminate. This will lead to a gradual increase in the aluminum content of the beverage. The excessive intake of aluminum elements is harmful to human body, the WHO in 1988 formally identified as a food contaminant aluminum, therefore, many developed countries have restricted the production of cans.

Aluminum is eaten by people, basically can not be discharged in vitro, it will always be deposited in the human body. Trace elements in aluminum is not needed by the body, excessive intake will affect the composition of iron and calcium absorption of human body, leading to anemia and osteoporosis, the side effect is mainly manifested as alum can kill brain cells, the early brain atrophy, dementia and other symptoms. China has banned the use of aluminum utensils as early as 1980s.

Excessive intake of aluminum elements will cause harm to the human body to produce the following: Alzheimer's disease; may cause osteoporosis, prone to fracture; immunity; cause non iron deficiency anemia.

In addition, low concentration of aluminum can also produce accumulation, on the nervous system, bone, liver, kidney, heart, immune system, can cause varying degrees of damage.

In summary, the beverage cans should not drink, drink more, especially in children and the poor excretory function strong period of growth and development of the old man, is to drink less better. Usually drink drinks should be as far as possible to choose glass bottles or soft drinks.

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