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Four trends in the development of plastic mold enterprises

2016-08-29 16:31:20 Leqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Read

The machining accuracy is the actual size of the surface of the machined part. The shape of the geometric parameters of the three geometric parameters and the requirements of the drawings. The precision of machining accuracy is measured by the tolerance grade, the higher the grade is, the higher the accuracy is, the numerical value of the machining error is indicated, the bigger the value is, the greater the error is. Machining accuracy is high, that is, the processing error is small, and vice versa. Ideal geometrical parameters and the size is the average size of; of surface geometry is absolutely round. Column. Plane. The conical surface and the straight line; for the relative position between surface is absolutely parallel. Vertical. Coaxial. Symmetry and so on. The deviation between the actual geometrical parameters of the components and the ideal geometric parameters is called the machining error.
The actual parameters of any processing method are not absolutely accurate, from the function of the parts, as long as the machining error in the tolerance range of parts drawing requirements, processing accuracy can reach the requirements.

One is the industrialization of plastic mold enterprises
Mold technology is more focused to meet the needs of users of various industries, according to the characteristics of industrial products for the development and manufacture of mold. Such as the automobile industry of plastic mold, enterprises pay attention to the requirement of users to the workpiece deformation, increase investment in research and development, by means of model test validation, optimization of structure, CAE simulation analysis, solve the effective scheme of workpiece deformation, greatly enhance the industrial user satisfaction.
Two. Is the plastic mold enterprise's intelligence
Intelligent mold can to mold the user to provide the best use experience, exhibitors enterprises in technology research and development and application has made significant breakthroughs, such as the mold cavity pressure, melt temperature induction feedback technology to the mold the "black box" of inside information is displayed, and provide real plastic flow data to solve the intelligent mold production. Mold production information management technology can get through the die mold induction module position, production data, via the Internet technology, transmission to the cloud server, using data analysis system for the use and management of the mold.
Three. Is the difference of plastic mold enterprises
Plastic mold enterprises are no longer satisfied with the homogenization of mature technology mold competition, but more and more attention to the needs of users of the difference. Such as the transfer of the transfer of custom mold technology, to provide users with personalized product appearance, to achieve a set of mold production of a variety of appearance of the product. Can provide users with differentiated mold technology, such as dual material, Gao Guang, etc., the application is also more and more widely.
Four. Is the internationalization of plastic mold enterprises
Mold enterprise internationalization pace is faster and faster, a lot of enterprises to undertake foreign orders, the introduction and absorption of the developed countries of the mold technology. Such as the six layer of the tank blow molding technology, enterprise investment about four million yuan, custom blow molding equipment, the development of the technology, the quality of similar mold level in france.

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