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  • The significance of recycling waste station waste cans for our lives

    Aluminum and its alloys are important raw materials for economic development, and are widely used in machinery, construction, automobile, aircraft, home appliances and packaging materials and other in

  • The road to success

    I am just an ordinary can, don't look at me very ordinary, but I have a great ambition to become the king of the world, dominate the earth.I was born in a small shabby factory, thousands of cans m

  • Wine also cans on the U.S. aircraft

    The American spirit Airlines began providing passengers with Friends Fun Wine tin white musk or musk strawberry Wine Wine, $7 for a $12 cans, two cans, this one is in order to save the transportation

  • A man with cans as a miniature Chengdu works out of Asia

    Chengdu Xinhua park a sell cans crafts stalls, many onlookers. There stood a condensed version of the Chengdu landscape: a small corner Hejiangting, Wanfo building, Xinhua park......The seller is also

  • How to prevent the harm of aluminium cans

    According to the survey of 22 kinds of beverage research staff, high content of aluminum beverage cans, 3 - 6 times higher than bottled drinks, if drinking, uncontrolled, will cause excessive intake o

  • In three cans of heavy pollution

    Easy to pollute from inside to outsideIt will lead to serious consequences of drinking the beverage cans? Cancel the inverted type pop top is imperative? What drink it people love to drink cans? To so

  • Self made man can "torpedo" fish has not left hand "bombing"

    The afternoon of September 19th, Hunan province Liuyang chengchong town and village of Liuyang River, with a bang, the smoke of a man fell into the river. The loud noise is a homemade "cans"

  • Men see female netizen "Yan too low value" for cans will escape from its stun

    Changsha guy ahang through social software about friends, meet but embarrassed: female netizen P serious yen value difference is too large, they complain a few words after being female friends say tau

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