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  • The tangle of health

    Small ring leads to health can tangle, is not a new topic. As early as two or three years ago, it has spread over more sensational news. When the network transmission in northern Guangzhou Huadu Distr

  • Turn bad into good waste cans can also paint

    The 69 year old Liu Ziqiang, who lives in Hongqiao District Shao Gong Zhuang Street Xianyang community Long Yue garden district. Since he was fond of art and crafts, he finally retired in 2002 to pick

  • To cross state reselling a man sued thousands of cans of beauty

    The recovery of tens of thousands of cans from the field of a resident of the U.S. state of Michigan, trying to "return" to Michigan, to earn a deposit, therefore in violation of the law, wi

  • The history of the development of the

    n 1959, the U.S. state of Ohio Dili Dayton company DRT ERNIE.C.FRAZE (Aimar Creen Fritz) invented the cans, which can cover the material itself is processed into a rivet, a coat and a riveted ring, wi

  • Can Wine is fashion or a gimmick

    Turning wine, often think of a dinner party, or the high price of tens of thousands of dollars. But with the upgrading of consumption, Wine enterprises begin to realize consistent superior location, w

  • The eight year old tin handicrafts 15 years of focus

    A shiny scissors, a clamp, a ruler, a 81 year old retired old man Zhao Songqing is focused on making his fifth generation "Peacock" tin handicrafts."The fifth generation" Peacock &

  • How to prevent the harm of aluminium cans

    According to the survey of 22 kinds of beverage research staff, high content of aluminum beverage cans, 3 - 6 times higher than bottled drinks, if drinking, uncontrolled, will cause excessive intake o

  • Plastic hollow products to explore the transformation of the road

    Plastic hollow products to explore the transformation of the road

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